September Munch Better Box

After last month’s snack box being okay, I did not have high expectations for September’s box. Heck, I still have a few snacks left to eat from last month that I am struggling to finish. I thought I would give myself another chance and subscribe to another month and if I was pleased I would keep going. Oh boy, was I surprised what came with the box this month. I was so so so happy with it! The only down side to this month’s snack box was that I wish there were more snacks. After three days of getting the box, it was completely gone! I will also be repurchasing some of the items I received in this months box as well because some snacks were just amazing.

September’s snack box included the following items:

-quinoa crisps chocolate flavoured

-nature trail mix bar

-ginger snaps

-peach flavoured leather snacks

-dry roasted edamame


It was very hard to choose a favourite this month, but I think the snack I was mostly reaching for was the roasted edamame. I have been adding a little bit of this to my nut mixes when I am traveling between work and school. They also have been a great salad topper. They have the perfect crunch (similar to peanuts) and a nice amount of salt (not too salty). If you are a fan of roasted chick peas and are looking for another alternative these are perfect for you then.

The ginger snaps as well were gone in a flash. It came in a pack of two and when I first tried them I swear it was love. Unlike other ginger snaps, these ones were soft and chewy. Not too sweet and just the right amount of ginger. When I returned home from work one day I was looking for the other one to eat only to find that there was actually half of one because my mother loved them just as much as me.

One item I am not raving about is the chocolate quinoa crackers. They were the last item finished for the month. I would not recommend eating them on its own. I will say if you like dark chocolate you would like them. These crackers contain the bitterness you would find with dark chocolate with yet a bit of sweetness. They taste great if you add peanut butter and some sliced strawberries or bananas on top of it.


Overall, this month’s snack box was great! It included the perfect mix of sweet, salty, crunchy! I’m excited to see what next month’s box will include (hopefully more fall inspired snacks!).



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