Munch Better August Review

As the month is coming to an end I almost forgot to write this review. I have been thinking about signing up for a subscription snack box for a while. I have done much research and was debating about it. There was so many factors to consider including price, shipping fees, how others liked the box, and how much is included in the box. After much research I decided to try Munch Better. Not wanting to waste any more days I rushed onto their website to sign up for the first month.

Munch Better is a healthy snack box company that is based in Canada. The box comes around the 15th of the month and includes 5-8 snacks. The box costs $28 (including shipping) and what stood out the most to me was how the box tried to include products made in Canada.

The August box included the following:

-kale crackers

-seaweed crackers

-kambucha wonder tea

-peanut butter and jelly granola

-larabar (one bite size, one full size bar)

-coconut chips


My favourites for this month were the coconut chips flavoured as Sriracha and the Peanut Butter and Jelly granola. I am not a huge fan of coconut or anything flavoured as coconut, but these chips are amazing! The coconut is there but it is totally doable, the flavour is incredible. The coconut chips are spicy (from the flavour) and sweet (from the coconut) which makes for a wonderful combination. Shamelessly to say, I finished the pack in two days, and bought another one at the grocery store, but they are healthy right? So it’s okay?

I was also surprised about the granola. As I opened the pack to add the granola to my yogurt in the morning, I saw pieces of strawberry and peanuts which made it so unique compared to other granolas on the market. Although it did not really taste like peanut butter and jelly the granola was delicious. It was not very sweet (which I liked) and was the perfect treat to my breakfast yogurts this month.


While the box had more likes than dislikes, there was one product that I extremely disliked and that was the sesame seaweed snacks. I like the flavour of sesame and do not have a problem with consuming seaweed. Heck I’m the person eating the 10 bowls of seaweed salad at all you can eat sushi buffets! But this product was very hard to consume. As soon as I opened the pack it had an awful smell and the taste was even worse. I took one bite and could not handle another. On the plus side though, my mother was a big fan of them so they were not wasted.


Overall, my first snack box was an okay box. It contained products that I really enjoyed (coconut chips, granola), products that were okay (kale crackers, larabar) and products that I disliked (seaweed snack, kambucha tea). The element of surprise is what makes the box great, and I am excited to see what my September box will have.

Stick around in September to read about the various products that come with the September box, as I will have a review of it.



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