Made Good Apple Cinnamon Granola Minis

Lately I have been on a health kick binge. I have always gone to the gym twice a week or more, but recently I have been eating bad. I decided to change this and start working out more, because hey if I’m still going to eat the way I do, I might as well work out more. But since increasing the number of days I am working out, my eating habits started to improve. So I only eat out once a week (or at least I try). I decided to check out what “healthy” snacks I could stumbled upon and found these mini granola bites.

MadeGood Foods is a Canadian company, that has based itself on various different certifications. You can search through any of their products and easily see their products claiming allergy free, gluten free, organic, etc. What I like about this company is that they are a family business, which I love to support, as I come from one. Their website indicates that they want to create products that provide nutrition yet doesn’t sacrifice taste. Because essentially, your product means nothing if it does not taste good. Taste is king, or if we are playing chess it is queen.


As I scrolled through the snack aisle in the natural/organic section, I found a variety of MadeGood products and was interested in trying one. I saw their granola minis packaging and instantly reached for it to find more information. The packaging contains bright colours to attract consumer’s attention, and each colour stands for a different flavour. At 4.99 per pack of 4 (one pouch contains 25 g) I was a little disappointed. I thought I would get a lot more for that price.

As I opened the pouch, I was pleased with the presentation. This is what makes this product stand out from a typical granola bar, that it is not a bar it is in a ball shape. As I reached to grab one and popped it in my mouth, I was set back. I was thinking these would be similar to a rice krispy and be slightly crunchy and chewy but they were more chewy and very dry as you ate them. By the time I finished eating one, I was desperate to grab my water. The product has a very strong cinnamon taste, as I felt it was more of a cinnamon flavour than apple cinnamon. I guess I was expecting more of an apple pie taste. One thing I noticed was the claim of containing vegetables. I found this a bit deceiving, because as I went through the ingredient list it was just vegetable powders. With that being said, I can now understand why the product is so potent of cinnamon, to mask the vegetable powder smell and taste.


With 90 calories per pack and 6 grams of sugar, the product is good, but I don’t know if it is good enough for a repurchase. The concept is really good, and I like how it is organic, and tries to target healthy living individuals and kids, but I find some improvements are needed. With that being said, I will definitely be trying more of their products, but I didn’t fall in love with this one.









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