Cookie Butter

I feel like cookie butter is the next big thing! Its comparable to peanut butter and might potentially give Nutella a run for it’s money. I have heard people raving about this cookie butter and seen it on the shelves everywhere from Zehr’s in Guelph to Fortino’s in my small home town of Ancaster.

President’s Choice Speculoos Cookie Butter is an upcoming spread that is currently being sold in majority of Loblaw’s stores. At 3.99 per jar (400 grams) it is somewhat costly for President’s Choice. It is sealed in a glass jar, which can explain the price of the product.

The product is multi functional. At the stores is was sampled with a waffle, which I don’t think is the best thing to sample on (personally, I wouldn’t want cookie butter on my waffles, I’m a whipped cream and maple syrup type of girl). It can be used on toast, scones or even muffins. Even better I’m thinking it would be a killer frosting for cupcakes (maybe I’ll do that for the next cupcakes I make). For this review, I used the cookie butter as a spread on some bread and paired it with a tea.


The cookie butter is quite tasty. It tastes like a sugar cookie and gingerbread cookie got married and the cookie butter is their child. It’s sweetness level is comparable to a sugar cookie while the spice you taste in the cookie butter is similar to that of a gingerbread cookie (but not as intense). It has the same consistency of peanut butter and what I like the most about this product is that you can actually taste some of the cookie crumbs in the product (they aren’t very large, but you can still taste it).

Overall, I think the cookie butter is a great product. It can be used to provide more variety from the standard Nutella and peanut butter during the usual breakfast routine. However, the glass jar is not very family friendly (i.e; child drops it and then you have glass pieces everywhere to clean up). I would have probably used a plastic jar to save on cost. With that said, I would most likely repurchase this product as it is very yummy and has multiple uses.

Let me know in the comments, if you have tried this product and whether you like it or not.



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