Polish Store Goodies

My mom sent me on christmas eve to the polish store (called Starsky) to pick up some last minute things for dinner later that night. Now the polish store is one my favourite places to go. It has a variety of polish deli meats and cheeses, as well as many polish desserts. As a child, my parents use to take me to the polish store after school (usually Fridays). They would do all their shopping for deli meats and sausages, while I would look for my treat(s).

As I completed my mom’s checklist, I made some time to go down the treat isle and I picked some up. The three things I purchased were a Kubus beverage, Milka strawberry yogurt flavoured chocolate bar and a Prince Polo wafer chocolate bar.


Kubus is a very popular beverage to consume in my parent’s home country. My favourite is carrot,apple, raspberry, and lime flavour. While carrot is the main ingredient, you can’t really taste it as well as the apple. As I took ny sip, I immediately could taste the raspberry followed with a lime aftertaste. Back in the day, when my parents would purchase me a little bread bun and beverage, they would always buy me a Kubus. I would always refuse this drink as it had carrot and I hated the taste of carrot juice, so I would always look for other drinks. As I grew older and my taste improved, Kubus was the drink I picked. Kubus comes in a wide variety of flavours including carrot-peach-apple, carrot-apple, and carrot-red orange-lime. You can purchase the drink in various sizes such as juice box size, plastic bottle (similar size to gatorade) and bigger sizes such as 0.3 litres and 0.9 litres. I like the Kubus flavours because they have very different juice flavours than typical Canadian juice flavours, so it is a great way to switch up your drink routine.


In Poland (where my parents were born and raised), Milka is the primary chocolate bar that is sold. So for me, I would compare Milka to Cadbury. While they do not taste the same, the brands are comparable. Cadbury is very popular here in Canada while Milka is very popular in Poland. I remember the last time I visited Poland, my cousins and I would eat the strawberry yogurt filled Milka chocolates. The strawberry filling slightly overpowers the chocolate taste (which I don’t mind), and it is a great choice if you are getting tired of eating plain milk chocolate.These chocolates are so creamy and smooth to eat. They also come in other crazy flavours including a new oreo edition that I saw.


Now, Prince Polo are wafer chocolate bars, which are comparable to Kit Kat. However, Prince Polo is softer than a Kit Kat. Prince polo is very inexpensive (cost 79 cents for one package) and a great treat once in a while. These wafer bars have the perfect balance between chocolate and wafer. It comes in a variety of flavours including hazelnut, coconut and milk chocolate.


So next time you are looking to go on an adventure, I would highly recommend looking up a polish store close by to you. See if you can find these three things. They are highly inexpensive and a nice treat.



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